Individuals need to fill up s form to create their profiles – each scanned by moderators Deepti, Andy and Shilok – before they can join Amour’s curated Facebook community.And in the spirit of inclusion there are five language options – English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu – and the translation work on Bengali and Tamil is in progress.That was our intent and it worked very well because there are no right and wrong answers to these questions.

The youth in India had swiped right so many times to Tinder that the dating app reciprocated by setting up its first base earlier in January and hired Taru Kapoor as its head of India operations.

In conversation with Collin Furtado, she spoke on their last ad campaign, the conversation around dating, brand position in India, monetisation, information security and more.

Women are judged more harshly and it is much harder for women to approach someone and make friends with.

Tinder gives them the right to connect with who they want.

Many profiles also chose “polyamory” over “monogamy” or “open relationship,” and this is bound to create ripples.

Somewhere it will challenge the dominant version of ‘normativity.’ The queer dating space so far has been dominated by cisgender gay men, which can put off many other LGBTQ identities.Offensive profile write-ups like ‘Only North Indian fair dudes can message me for a long-term relationship’ are often confusing and allow inter-community hate to become commodities that we can proudly display, like we’re so advanced as a community that we can laugh about stuff like this. We’re not even close to that point yet.” As an individual who had been transsexed at birth, Gina has always been very open about her gender identity and how she was brought up as boy, however she found that often people on other dating apps wanted to “experiment” with her.But on Amour, nothing like this has happened so far.Globally, we do partner occasionally with brands, but we are very selective.We are constantly innovating and releasing new features.There are no unsolicited messages and there is nobody bothering them. They are way more engaged and we get a lot of positive feedback from them.