We have a developed discount system, cards for the regular clients, on-line bookings and many other interesting offers. Ariadna-Link works on Vyborg market since 1997 as Internet Service Provider.Many old people and people who's family are from old Karelia, they care and moan year after year.

Not that Karelia is their main concern, but it's part of their agenda aswell.

You live there, so you have a better view of it than me, but the picture you paint ain't exactly true.

Russian Railways provides a rail connection Helsinki-Vyborg with the train from Helsinki railway station (0.1 mi from city-centre) and serving the rail station of Vyborg at arrival (1.1 mi from centre)When travelling from Vyborg to Helsinki by carpooling, train, ferry, plane, you might have to change at St Petersburg located at 75 mi from Vyborg (Russia).

If you have some time on your way to Vyborg or back to Helsinki, this may be a really good opportunity to visit and have a short stay in those cities.

We assure you that we will bring you to any place you want fast and with maximum comfort.

We are trying to be up-to-date and offer only the best service to our clients.

Among the companies that transfer passengers by bus we are known as a company that takes care of its passengers’ comfort.

Our buses have comfortable tip-up seats, DVD-players and air-conditioners; also there are big luggage compartments for your luggage.

There little protest sometimes they don't even reach to news.