lol Caramel: It might seem ridiculous that I’d ask about what you you’d like to do when you retire when you’re at the height of your popularity, but I know that you’re pretty serious about architecture.

I’d usually wrap my blankie around myself like a dress and walk around on my toes like I was in heels, and that was at the age of 4.

And my entire life I felt more girl than boy, but I really didn’t care much to explore the woman inside till about two years ago.

Roxy: I’m not sure who my favorite poet is, but i do still write, bits and pieces here and there.

On my Facebook, I’m currently working with my friend in NJ on a short story she and I are doing. I grew up with 80’s pop and punk, with ‘Hotel California’, Cher, Celine Dion, and the divas from the 90’s.

lol It was also because I had tranny friends when I lived there, and they really helped me to open up, because everyone already knew I was a girl in the wrong body. I just didn’t have the means or freedom to express and explore it. She was a very classy, well dressed and beautiful woman.

From living with and watching her for much of my younger life, I learned how to do it from her, even though i was a boy.High fashion plays a big role in all of it, as I take them all and roll them in a big blunt of high fashion.😛 Caramel: Who’s your favorite poet and are you still writing?So, I began experimenting with more feminine appearances two years ago, but it was subtle.I think it was when I moved to Phoenix that I began to explore it more, and it was because I was doing a lot more porn then, so I could afford it. Also, being feminine has just always felt and come natural to me, so my transition into my appearance today came about from the fact I’ve always felt that way inside.When I began to get into gay porn, what lead me to it was what is usually classified as “twink” and “femboi” content.