IDea S Integration Partners are technology organizations that develop and support certified integrations with IDea S solutions, enabling a seamless client deployment and collaborating beneficial market and product development initiatives with IDea S.Integration Partners provide either the data for IDea S solutions and/or support deployment of the outputs of IDea S solutions.Chauntry has developed and successfully implemented more systems than any other company in our sector.

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You will be working with market directors that have over 100 years of combined travel industry experience, and are active on local as well as national levels of hospitality associations in North America and Europe.

Our team takes a partnership approach in working with each and every Channel RUSH customer, sharing our knowledge to ensure that the customer distribution and connectivity goals are achieved. We do not outsource what we consider to be one of our greatest assets – professional hands-on software design and continued development.

IDea S Revenue Management System integrates with the following product: Be On Price is a Big Data company specialized in revenue management technology solutions with over 1,000 hotel clients in more than 14 countries.

Our tools stand out in the market for its simplicity of use and for working with information in real time.

Our results year on year have continually generated real ROI for all clients large and small, whilst our knowledge within the airport industry has also progressed to an expert level.

Although we believe to have a team of the highest standard and experience right now, we understand that there will always be new trends and technology introduced within the industry and our aim is to always be one step ahead, delivering on-trend solutions to your airport.

IDea S Integration Partners are categorized into 3 connectivity tiers (Advanced, Standard and Limited) based on the following: Ability to deploy IDea S pricing decisions and inventory controls Number of clients live on the integration Successful integration certification The Integration Partners Snapshot below lists IDea S current integration partners by connectivity tier.

Our 14 years’ experience with airports plus ongoing extensive research of the industry and passengers desires means Aero Parker can not only offer you a tried and trusted product to increase non-aeronautical revenue, but also a service that you can utilize to develop further functionality online should you wish.

We have over 250 portals/channel connectable (OTA, B2B, GDS and Booking Engine) and the most important PMS on the market.

We always listen to our customers to improve, develop new interfaces and new functionalities.

Be On Price has available to its customers the most comprehensive suite of solutions: Booking Expert is an innovative Italian company, young and solid with over 1200 customers, developing and ensuring cutting edge products, reliable, professional and rapid technical support.