Mc Caffrey struggles with what all CPAP users face: the disparity between the necessity of CPAP, and the unpleasant nature of it.

Rationally, she says, she knows she has to use it, but it’s hard to introduce other people to the machine–and it is, in Mc Caffrey’s representation, a completely separate introduction–because “CPAP is clunky, ugly, and overall ridiculous-looking.” Unfortunately, the process of a relationship has to work over that inhibition, which is not a simple process.

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Instead, Mc Caffrey says, it takes 11 stages before you truly feel comfortable sleeping next to a person.

Mc Caffrey’s writing style leans quite heavily on the gif, which makes it unbearable to read for some of us.

A simple sleep apnea treatment that you could simply carry with you, put in, and take out without worrying that your partner will be weirded out and dump you right on the spot? And you can easily carry it with you on any date where you might not be sleeping at home.

An oral appliance gives you the freedom to just live, without having to plan everything around your sleep apnea treatment.

The dreaded and barbaric UPPP, or a last resort tracheotomy for the total cure. Everyone has something,and as we get older that lists gets longer.

Check the newsgroup archives at google for the group I mentioned- there's a ton of info in there about camping with cpap, how to read your own sleep study- you DID get a copy, didn't you???? I have this problem too but my doctor was stupid and wasted my time by not sending me to a sleep clinic when thats all that i've needed.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your newer machines are very quiet and the nasal pillow system keeps that mask off your face.i've used 3 different machines in the past 10 years and am very happy with all the new improvements..current one sounds faintly like ocean waves.

no complaints from any overnight partners.cheers,dave I know this is ask a girl, but I too have sleep apnea. Strap that f*cking mask on at night and use that d*mn CPAP like you are supposed to!!

My dad's a neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders, and I've talked with him some about those disorders and their treatments.