Both the State of Venice and Malta were overtaken by the dynamism of trade, attesting to the human experiences and the individual needs of the merchant-traders, but, at the same time quite unable to see the storm that was brewing on the horizon.

This story extends beyond the period covered by these documents and the protagonists of these documents were no longer there to witness the devastating impact of the French Revolution upon both Venice and Malta. MALLIA-MILANES (Ed.), Al Servizio della Repubblica di Venezia: Le Lettere di Massimiliano Buzzaccarini Gonzaga, Commendatore di Malta, inviate alla Magistratura dei Cinque Saviialla Mercanzia 1754-1776.

For this to happen, both sides realized peace had to prevail in the Mediterranean.

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Città del Vaticano: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2014.

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Città del Vaticano: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2014. Victor Mallia-Milanes’ new book does not fall under the heading History of Religion as it is normally understood in our contemporary society but it is expedient to state that it is a book about religion.

It deals with the relationship of the Republic of Venice with the Knights of Saint John.

The editor of these documents, Victor Mallia Milanes, remains faithful to the original text, setting the correct backdrop to these diplomatic letters, wherein he touches on various aspects of Mediterranean life in the 18 century without shying away from giving us his own interpre­tation of the history of the period.

These documents are in Italian, which was the lingua franca of the Mediterranean at the time.Unlike what many of the enlightened thinkers said, or believed, the Enlightenment brought about the creation of new tensions in Europe and the Mediterranean, and as Edward Said would show, produced 19 century, the real threat for the two countries did not come from the East but from the West.It was this same Enlightenment that Venice had proudly embraced which would turn on her and bring about her political downfall.In the same period, the became the designated authority to regulate all trading matters pertaining to Venice.The core of this book is the documentation supported by an extensive historical introduction.For this reason, these documents offer a beautiful journey through various aspects of Venetian history in the late 18 century and the trade relationship between Venice and the Sublime Porte.