People can only uptake new information when they are calm, so continuing to talk once tempers rise risks lots of hurt for little gain.Similarly, if people feel anxious, sad or other negative feeling, Second, .In healthy relationships both partners genuinely enjoy time together. Positivity includes appreciation, agreement, humor, warm smiles, affection, gratitude, shared fun times…all the good things in life.

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If there seems to be no sufficient fix, then end the relationship.

At that point, going on to another relationship is fine. Always be self-centered (centered in your self) in the sense of being in touch enough with yourself, with your feelings and thoughts, to verbalize your concerns and preferences.

If the relationship includes fighting, that’s bad for the children.

They are likely to be happier if the relationship ends, provided they are not left to have to cope on their own with an aggressive parent.

Tanisha wanted to interview me for an article on relationships she was writing for her Penn State college newspaper. Adults interact primarily only from what I call the EEZ, the Effective Emotional Zone.

Bravo Tanisha Ramsey for your focus on these issues! To share with Tanisha the answers you would give to these questions, please feel welcome to click and write in to the Comments section at the bottom of the article. What are three key skills (characteristics) that every relationship should possess? That’s a zone of positive emotions, or else calm talking and listening.

If that person can identify the underlying concerns that led to straying, and then also can identify at least three points where they took a left turn and would have been better off turning right, there’s hope. When someone cheats because of issues in the relationship, are those issues now worth fixing? Depends on how much in the relationship feels worth saving.

Some relationships were iffy to begin with and best ended with the first infidelity.

Even Adam found that he was lonely until he got his Eve.