In 2016, the High Court upheld the council's rights to decide whether GMOs can be banned in their areas, knocking back the Federated Farmers' appeal, who then went to the Court of Appeal.

Thirty-eight out of the first 42 men she met asked her for sex on first meeting. One kicked down the door; one started crying and left. We've become good at knowing what we want and providing for it. Dating is difficult for women, but it's harder for men." Women want the impossible, goes the male complaint: they claim to want the metrosexual, enlightened nice guy but really want the brutishly confident, butt-grabbing rugby forward.

Goodchild: 'Men want a maid in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom'. So really, we're just asking for the same thing men want." A 31-year-old Auckland bachelor claims Kiwi girls can be charmless, graceless and plain mean. It's over.' And she got up and left." But Janelle Wills maintains Kiwi men need to lift their game too.

" Then there was the date who taught her two-year-old daughter to say "George Bush" when asked what her name was; and the man who pretended he was a doctor even after she checked. "I honestly think that if you really want to not be single, you're not.

She even accidentally dated two brothers (the first still doesn't talk to her). A 28-year-old professional woman and hardened dater recalls a tricky pile-up: "Once I was dating three guys - and they all turned up at the house at the same time. I think women are secretly enjoying the single life.

Today, the same woman could be looking for Shane Warne one night and Mr Darcy the next. "Guys have it really hard," says Auckland single-mum Rachel Goodchild, author of Eighty-Eight Dates: The Perilous Joys of Internet Dating.

"I was amazed at how many guys have felt raped or assaulted by women.

It's an inert power." Shortland Street actor Will Hall (who plays Kip Denton) agrees.

"Guys don't want to be messed around, but we don't necessarily want the girl to give in too easily." Kiwi heterosexual women average 20 sexual partners, almost three time the global average of seven, according to the latest Durex Sexual Wellbeing survey.

She has clear rules of engagement, which, she argues, could provide a template for the new dating culture evolving from the online world.

"If there's a spark online - which doesn't mean anything - I like to meet them early on for coffee or just one drink.

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