This regulation implements Executive Order (EO) 12958 and Department of Defense Regulation 5200.1-R.

This regulation contains the minimum Department of the Army (DA) standards for the protection of classified information and material.

* Updates the federal specifications for locks (para 7-4 ).

dating in the army policy-27

* Emphasizes the responsibilities of Headquarters Department of the Army, the Commander, the Command Security Manager, the Supervisor, and the Individual (chap 1 ).

* Updates information relating to Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Communications Security Information, and Special Access Program Information (chap 1 ).

* Outlines requirements for transportation plans (para 8-7 ).

* Emphasizes annual refresher training requirements for the security education program (para 9-7 ).

* Outlines the requirements relating to Department of Defense Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (chap 5 ).

* Outlines the requirements relating to sensitive information and the Computer Security Act of 1987 (chap 5 ).

* Rescinds DA Form 2134 (Security Violation(s) Report) (para 10-3 ).

* Updates security controls on dissemination and marking of warning notices on intelligence information to include the latest version of Director of Central Intelligence Directive 1/7 (app D ).

* Expands and clarifies exceptional situations and waivers (chap 1 ).