But the tide is turning and young families are starting to stay in the area.

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More than 200 police officers attended under the banner Police with Pride.

Nicki Minaj cleared up some dating rumours on Tuesday.

It's a moment these two will remember for the rest of their lifetimes.

Rugby player Mark Bevan surprised his boyfriend Michael Collins at Liverpool's pride parade - by proposing to him.

“This player had already been suspended four games earlier in the season and I did not want him to play,” Cozza said.

The president of the French Federation, Marc Palanques, suggested that strong action needs to be taken against the player.

Footage posted on Liverpool Pride's Twitter showed Mark suddenly throwing a rugby ball to Michael.

Surprised Michael catches the ball, but then looks down to see the message scrawled across it - 'will you marry me'.

She added, however, that she wants to stay 'celibate' for a year. Him coming to me was too forward.'Ellen said if you go to his house you can leave when you want.

Nicki laughed and said that is why she likes Ellen, because she is so smart.

A French rugby league player is facing a life-time ban from the sport after punching a referee in response to being shown a yellow card, knocking him unconscious and leaving him with cheekbone and jaw injuries.