Visits home can mean days of listening to people converse in another language.

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And, if you and your partner ever decide to have kids, raising a child in a multi-cultural household will make them a more flexible and well-rounded human being! You’ll have to get used to being a novelty A lot of your SO’s friends and family will regard you as a novelty, like some sort of strange, exotic bird that suddenly alighted in their lives.

While this will diminish somewhat as the relationship progresses, you have to get accustomed to being looked at as ‘the foreigner’.

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Even the experiences that make you feel strange and unsure will one day be a wealth of memories you can look back on and laugh about. You’ll have to make your own culture An incredibly amazing part of having a partner from another culture is that the two of you will create a mini culture of your own.

You’ll want to observe holidays and religious traditions from both your backgrounds, which can be fun (who doesn’t like twice the holidays, right? It also means that having the food they love from their childhood and the food you love will become a regular thing in your household, as will watching movies and listening to music in both your respective languages.

However, it has also meant that I’ve needed to be open to experiences that, at times, have weirded me out or made me feel uncomfortable.