We dont have to drive anywhere for him to be able to do his favourite things, he loves his holls and writing this has made me think that its about time I took him again!!By the way, he is a border collie/german shepherd cross.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Interesting one - I only had my kids to look after me in my twilight years, don't think a dog could do that....

He does get smelly sometimes but then what the heck, hes a dog, hes supposed to smell like a a dog!

He has a shower nearly every day because he gets mucky on his walks, but if hes laughing (yes he laughs) or if hes having a very deep sleep he smells like a dog, its a lovely once again LOVE ME - LOVE MY DOG.

By that I mean if you had children and they have grown up and gone do you need someone (by this I mean a doggy or whatever someone) in the house with you to talk to and do for?

I love coming in from work and my children falling over themselves to greet me, does a dog bounding up substitute for this?

I'm a massive animal lover, I wouldn't date someone who keeps their dog in the garden or shut away in the kitchen all the time.

My pets are part of the family and get treated that way.It is difficult getting the truth out of people thou, they say they like animals and then when you see them around them you can clearly tell that they are not at all comfortable.I have to say i would not let any one of my 3 dogs and 2 cats go for the sake of a man.I also have issues where dogs are allowed to sleep on or in the owners beds.I could not date someone who felt animals are more important than their own families.I was joking, my children were unexpected miracles and I want them to go and enjoy their lives, not be worrying about me.