Magyar (the language of ethnic Hungarians) and German are spoken, as are Serbian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, and Turkish.The language of the Roma population is Romany, although many Roma combine that language with Romanian. The flag consists of blue, yellow, and red vertical stripes that symbolize Transylvania, Moldavia, and Walachia, respectively.Enter information about your shipment - the rest is easy.

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Depending of the commodity, tax will also be added prior to release.

Fed Ex will charge recipient VAT and taxes directly.

Get help with Customs procedures, limitations, and restrictions. On this page: Clearance Process | Restrictions | Documents | Regulations | Contacts Fed Ex Clearance Process All shipments shipped to Czech Republic from non-EU countries must be cleared through Customs in the destination country prior to being delivered to the recipient.

Unless the sender specified a broker, Fed Ex submits shipments to Customs and other regulatory agencies.

Because of economic hardship, the government has been slow to enforce laws that place restraints on industry. The population was estimated to be 22,411,121 in 2000.

Ninety percent of the people are Romanian, 7 percent are Hungarian, and 2 percent are Roma.

The Carpathian Mountains cover about one-third of the country; they surround the Transylvanian Plateau and divide it from the other two main regions: Moldavia in the northeast and Walachia in the south.

The Transylvanian Alps in the central region contain the highest peak, Mount Moldoveanu.

The eastern and southern regions are characterized by rolling plains.

The Danube River stretches through the country for six hundred miles, forming its southern border with Serbia and Bulgaria and emptying into the Black Sea in the east.

These items are in addition to items forbidden by IATA.