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There are some rough parts and some great parts and I’m here to share them all! Hunger does strange things to someone’s mood, especially when we go out to eat or pass by a bakery.

He could be totally fine, carrying on a conversation with no problems, then out of the blue he starts grumbling and cursing under his breath because he saw someone eating a piece of pizza.

Imagine trying to squeeze everything you have been craving all week into one meal. But not when you have me there to eat whatever is left over.

Cheat meal day is my favorite day of the week because I didn’t know how much I could bond with someone over our shared love of pizza. He is the most dedicated person I have ever seen and nothing makes me swell with pride more than hearing his name called to come out on the stage and do his posing routine.

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This one sucks sometimes because I start to feel bad eating anything remotely not good for you in front of him. He has built so much muscle since we started dating and it just makes him that much more dreamy.

Sometimes he ignores it but other times I can see he is drooling at the mouth over my popcorn or yogurt. If I could put a “heart eyes” emoji into an article this paragraph would be full of them.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over three years now.

I was the one who started doing the NPC Bikini competitions.

It’s hilarious and annoying at the same time to see this change in him. Meals have to be about two hours apart and each meal is carefully calculated but even after eating he still wants more.