The teenage years are the in-between time, when you must give up some control of your child's health so he or she can step in and begin taking charge.Adolescence is a volatile time both socially and biologically. It's especially important that once a child hits puberty, he or she go back to the doctor for a check-up.

It's possible that a change in medicine could ease some of their concerns.

Depression is a bigger problem among teenagers with epilepsy than previously thought, says William R.

It’s okay for them to be freaked out at first, but if they don’t want to date you because you have them, they aren’t worth it.

Sometimes it’s good to just come out and tell your partner right away you so will know how it will affect your future and your relationship.

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Thinking about how my seizures have affected my dating life is important to me because it’s something I’ve had to deal with personally. Give them time and answer their questions the best that you can.

And that’s ok, but the more open and honest you are, the more prepared your partner will feel about what to do in case of an emergency.

That way you have both seizures and dating done well!

It's important that you make clear to your teen the risk of stopping medication.