Children are definitely a blessing, but they can complicate our need to date our husband. Especially once you have several children to watch. That's where this list of 50 Fun Date Ideas comes in.

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Two of my matches from that same event four years ago ended up being friends.

I learned on my date with guy #1 that they had gone speed dating together, but it wasn’t until my date with guy #2 that I realized they were not just friends.

I have used affiliate links to make shopping easier for you.1. For a date night IN, try this indoor bowling set.2.

See what is touring in your area, or search for local theaters.

Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite drink, turn off all the lights, and pretend you're at the movie theater.

As far as date night ideas go, this one is perfect for simply reconnecting intellectually and emotionally.26. Use your phone for some mood setting music but stay off social media and email!! You might discover a new restaurant or a cute little town that you didn't even know was there.17. Keep it simple or add in some fun cheeses with crackers and Sparkling Grape Juice or Wine. Here are some great board games you can play with two people. Talk about where you see yourselves in 5 to 10 years. So far we've always taken the kids, but it would be fun for a date night.30. Break out the kids toys and go to “war” with each other.28. Pick a foreign language and start learning it together.29. We have several minor league and pro teams in the area. If you both circle yes, you get each others’ contact information in an email the next day. Last week I went speed dating and I met two Australians who had only been in the country for five days, a soldier who finished his service in Afghanistan three days earlier, and a guy who works for Time Warner and was afraid I would hold that against him (I didn’t. Yet, they somehow all convinced each other that no one there was good enough for them.