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i hope ill get over that but its wierd and suprising what a difference it is... its just different, and i too feel wierd about a man who is not circumsized i like it when the skin is pulled back to look like a regular****or if it wont go back going as far down on it feels GREAT and eventually the skin will get used to being back and eventually look like a normal one if you have any questions hit me [email protected] Anthony21FL: If you are not circumsized, how can you talk about "a regular****" or "a normal one" regarding a circumsized p****.

You should know that *uncircumsized* is the "normal"/"regular" state.

I can relate to what your saying-it's like it should be soft and smooth, but for some men who are uncircumsized there is a little extra skin moving in ya mouth.

Some men who are uncut look just like men who are when they are erect, but other's are not. It is more sensative because of the protection the other does not have. but we were both smiling so it must have went fine and we did it more than once. My penis is circumsized, so I'm no expert on the specifics.

lovelife1014 said: I really like this guy I work with. We make out all the time, and last night I stayed the night at his house. Yes, it may look a little different and you might not be used to it, but other than that, it’s the same as any other penis out there.

If you’re worried about hurting the guy, just be a little bit more gentle and ask him “Is this okay?

Wd What ..............everyone is missing the real issue..........are you comparing.?

Just get into each other and things will happen naturally.

Or guys, do you have anything to say on what feels great when you're not circumsized? Although it isn't overly apparent when they're hard, there is still some extra skin that can be moved up and down. but then again he didnt stay hard very long so maybe i didnt see right ( another evil laugh)You just give him oral sex like you would any other guy from my experiences. You often can't tell if they're uncircumsized when they're erect.

You slide the skin up and down his shaft with your hand while you give him oral. I just say, if he's giving you pleasure, give it to him right back. OP, like another poster said, just use your hand to slide the skin up and down, pull it down to suck and lick the head....

In reading these forums women are as different as men in touch, taste and smell and yes size. In some countries the fat woman are the pretty ones.