And if it seems like they're pushing you away, trust me, they need you more than you think.

Just be kind and don't be offended if they don't always react the way you expect them to.

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Just be understanding and let them know as much as you can that they make a difference in your life Let them know you are there for them.

When they are depressed, being there for them is the best thing you can do for them.

Only discuss the matter when he/she wants to discuss the matter with you or when he/she breaks down. Be supportive and understanding and show that you're there for them.

Try not to take it personally if your partner is feeling really down and you can't fix it - it's nothing you've done, they're just dealing with some really difficult thoughts and emotions.

Make sure they're receiving proper professional help if needed.

Don't try too hard to cheer them, because it will make them feel worse when they don't want to disappoint you but neither aren't able to "just cheer up".Take care of your own well-being, it's really important.Be supportive but remember that it's ok to have your boundaries. I have both and listening and understanding go a long way.Most importantly, though, be sure to take care of yourself ~ giving yourself space to breathe, process and rest when you need it is the most important thing.In order to help anyone else be their best self, you must be your best self first. It will not only strengthen your relationship but making you feel like a better person. Instead do things together that make him/her happy and distracts them from the bothersome issue.If they are getting really anxious, remind them that you're there and you will help to the best of your abilities. But if the subjects depression or anxiety comes up, you should stay on watch...