I love every single one of them, even Grace, who I also detest and loathe.(This post is a lot shorter than the two I did about the boys.Christian tells Tara she played too hard to get, it's over.

Christian and Abi try to cheer each-other up, land in Sammy's favorite drag queer club and perform until surprised by an even more unlikely couple.

Benster witnesses how vindictive Saskia resorts to physically hurting Tara by forcing her at the barre.

Sammy's option to file for emancipation goes on hold when he's called home for grandpa's funeral.

The low-key but grim confrontation with father yields an unhoped-for result.

Guest teacher Marcus Kane, Lucy Raine's student days ex (which Grace tries to exploit to get time off for a pop star concert), instructs the kids to reinterpret a classical piece after studying someone else.

Kat, already struggling with her won bleak prospects, happens to stumble upon medical student Nick, who accidentally fatally ran over Sammy, but finds him all but hateful.

Those accidentally reveal that Christian and Kat, whom he secretly gave a cuddly toy as moral support, aren't quite over each-other.

Tara discovers Saskia, who convinced her to dance Red Shoes, really sabotaged Tara out of envy and kisses Ethan before performing his original piece instead. Tara ignores medical advice and collapses during her audition as the drugs wear out.

Kat's agent has her audition to join the Paris Moulin Rouge, successfully.

The kids greatly enjoy and bond during the Academy's annual countryside tour, performing Romeo and Giulette on petty stages.

Grace taunts Tara, who is coaches by Abi, who pushes her to perform another version of Red Shoes, which calls for expression of girlish emotions and real grief.