After all, I shouldn’t have to eat without entertainment. I’ll have my filet mignon and wine, and you’ll have a nice, thick cock to suck. A good cocksucker doesn’t need to have hands, and you, sissy slut, will be a good cocksucker. There are many reasons that I like to administer firm spankings.Don’t think that I can’t see you salivating over the idea. You are going to confine yourself to pleasuring the head of my friend’s cock. A primary one is simply the delicious sound that flesh makes when the contact is made.


There are some restrictions on that, and you’ll have to read up on them at the site, because I don’t claim to have them memorized.

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Obviously, there is a physical element to spanking.

I’ve left many a reddened ass in my wake to attest to that.

For the first time in months, the air has a bit of a crisp bite today, and errant leaves whirlwind at the base of tree trunks. Unless, of course, I am amusing myself with you in some manner that involves snowballs and icicles.

Alas, as it creeps onward, that means winter is imminent, and I am not at all a fan.

If not, I will post more info on anticipated hours at the beginning of the week. I need to start off by saying that I’ve decided there will not be a twist to our Cock Stock Follow the Market Game, or at least not in the foreseable furture.

After some deliberation, I determined that what I wanted to do had the potential to not work out well.

When it comes to sissy bitches like you, I’m like the Oracle of Delphi. And I know that if allowed, you’d forsake the rule of “nothing in excesss” and you’d be attacking that cock with your whore mouth, desperate to suck it’s life force into your waiting receptacle. That is closely followed by the sounds the submissive man in question makes, and often, the hot splash of his tears.

I have all the answers, and there is no reason for you to “know thyself”. Come to think of it, the tears may be my favorite part of all.

But my experience has been that the trip through the psyche that is induced by the physical act is often more powerful.