When you add a new email account in Microsoft Outlook, it will create a new data file if you do not configure to deliver new message to Existing Outlook Data File.The new data file shows as a folder with sub-folders of Inbox, Sent Items, Delete Items, etc. And all incoming email messages of this account will be saved in this sub-folder of Inbox.

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Upgrading your account to Proton Mail Plus provides you with the option of sending and receiving mail from multiple Proton Mail addresses within one Proton Mail inbox.

With one single login, you can now access all your contacts and messages for multiple addresses from the web app and the mobile apps.

To combine multiple existing Proton Mail addresses into one Proton Mail account, we will need to delete all data held within the existing addresses (accounts) you would like to add to your main account.

Keep in mind that deactivating an account won't free up the email address on it.

Then, read and reply to emails as normal—or archive them with the checkmark.

You can pin important emails to the top of your inbox, snooze emails until you to work on them, or make new tasks to manage right alongside your emails.

Over time, Airmail's team has added so many features that today it's one of the most powerful, customizable email apps available.

Its customizable notifications let you only get notified when emails from your most important contacts come in—or you can let Airmail watch who you email most often, and notify you about emails from those people automatically.

Therefore, there may be many inbox folders in your Microsoft Outlook.