Besides the patch, if your Internet connection is spotty, you might have to deal with the Play Station 4 offline regardless.

Our initial tests of the Play Station 4 have been under both circumstances, with no day one patch or Play Station Network connectivity.

There is a chance that the launch of the Play Station 4 will see network congestion preventing some users from getting the patch.

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But, getting music onto the Vita, or getting your prize-winning photos onto your PC, is a pain in the tuckus.

So, here's First up, you'll need to download a piece of software on your PC or Mac.

Both consoles agree on one thing with certainty, though: you're going to need a day-one patch.

Everything from Final Fantasy XIV to has suffered from network problems caused by surges of users at launch, and Sony itself has seen the Play Station Network get more than its share of downtime.

“As the world of Grand Theft Auto Online continues to expand and evolve through ongoing updates, storage limitations of the Play Station 3 12GB hardware will require owners to purchase additional storage to accommodate GTAV Title Updates after 1.16 (released on 8/19/14).

All updates and content must remain installed on the system in order to maintain compatibility for all players within GTA Online.You'll then be asked what you want to send over: 'Applications' (for backup), 'video', 'music' or 'photos'. It will then open the Vita's 'photo' app, showing you every picture on the system with little checkboxes next to them.Tick the photos you want to send over, hit copy, and the pictures will appear in the folder you specified in Step 1.It's called the 'Vita Content Manager Assistant', and you can download it from here if you're rocking Windows, or from here if you're more of an OS X kinda guy.Once it's installed, it will sit on the taskbar with a little Vita icon. From here, you can choose the folders that the Vita will access to find, and download, photos, videos, and music.“ While it's a nice gesture to warn PS3 owners about the storage limitation, it's also somewhat ironic that the whole point of owning a home console was to avoid having to open up cases and replace parts like in a PC.