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And as it turns out, people who smoke heavily aren't necessarily thin in any case.

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Često nas klijenti znaju pitati kako je to moguće, ako su Experience parfemi čisti parfemi sa visokim udjelom esencija tako povoljni.

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When you're a smoker who struggles with your weight, it can be easy to fall back on the excuse "If I quit smoking, I'll just gain." It's true that smoking can seem to dampen your appetite.

It damages your taste buds, which makes food less appealing, and it also slightly increases the rate at which your body burns calories — your metabolic rate.

"If you've got to do a 12-week smoking cessation course before you can have your hernia fixed, or before you've even gone on the waiting list to have your hernia fixed, it immediately makes those waiting lists another 12 weeks longer." The PCT said it was in talks with local doctors over the proposals.

Marion Dinwoodie, its chief executive, said she regretted the need "to take measures in the short term that may have an impact on local people".

"Unfortunately this does not take us far enough: we need to take additional activity to reduce activity in this financial year if we are to be in a position to hand over a balanced budget." Under the proposals, smokers already on waiting lists will now be taken off until they have either been on the courses or given up smoking.

New referrals will not be allowed on the lists until they have done the same.

Under the plans drawn up by NHS bureaucrats in Kent, any smoker referred for "non-urgent" operations – such as hip replacements or cataract surgery – will not be allowed to join the queue until they have either given up smoking, or completed a 12-week course to help them ditch the habit.