My capstone is designed to help children in my community better their academic skills and for me to gain teaching experience.

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During this process I learned that each child has a different way of better understanding material.

So I decided to create a test with english and math questions on it to give to them.

This capstone has given me a better understanding of cognitive learning and efficient way to teach something to a child and make it stick. Its about cognitive education by Adrian Ashman and Robert Conway.

I read the section about memory and learned that in order to best understand the way cognitive development is learned, you must understand memory and how the brain allows people to learn. if there is no memory, there can be no learning and without learning memory is an empty storehouse.” It also shows diagrams of how memory works by comparing it to holograms.

I think that website is reliable because it has who its by and when I search it the same information this website did.

This website is different than the other I used because it elaborate more on the theory and what exactly does each stage of his theory is about.To help guide me, I studied a psychologist named Jean Piaget, who came up with a theory on cognitive learning.I gave them the test again and who ever passed showed me that my methods and how I taught them worked.This source was very helpful to me, it made me think deeper into my capstone project.Especially when developing my tips for the children.It made me think deeper into what i'm really trying to accomplish which is making effective study skills for elementary school aged children.