Each household offers milk that has been saved for 10 days before the festival.

This ceremony is done in pomp and show followed by a feast.

Women are kept in the same clothes, which they wore at the time of death.

Sohny is taken as the beauty symbol and she also belonged to Gujrat.

Gujrati Girls are very attractive and beautiful and they are nice and well mannered too. Gujrat Update # 1: I am terminating new comments on this page because some visitors are abusing this page with their comments.

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Brief History: The Kalasha or Kalash are indigenous people who live in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

At the shout of a Shaman, they throw their branches in the air. They are also required to give birth in the Bashalani where they are shifted during the last month of pregnancy. Kalash people leave their dead on a wooden coffin exposed to the weather and let it rot.

In this photo Kalash women are standing outside the Bashalani to take the clothes for washing from their relative women inside the Bashalani. After one year a wooden statue is placed near the coffin in a ceremony to project the bravery of the dead man and his other good qualities.

Girls of Gujrat (Kharian, Lalamusa, Sara e Alamgir) are well educated because overall literacy rate in Gujrat is very high, Gujrat is amongst the top ten cities of Pakistan in literacy rate.

Use of mobile phone by girls is very common in Gujrat and its surrounding cities but it is the matter of fact that the girls of this region don't misuse the mobile phone. Beauty of Gujrat and especially Kunjah is very famous.

Tatler, UK, in its travel guide 2010 ranks it among “the best 101 hotels in the world”.