Then he gets the satisfactions of coming there and i dont have to swallow Everyones happy Try to get him to cut salt out of his diet!! He loved it of course i couldnt spit it out the window imagin if it landed on an OAP window! tho the only thing that bothered me then was his cum hitting the back of my mouth tht was always a bit of a funny feeling lol Tho i cant swallow now the thought of it makes me turn never bothered me when I was younger.

OH loves oral but he has to be straight outta shower(really clean) for me to do it now so its not as exciting for him or me.

lol When i know hes about to cum i lie down and he likes to do it on my boobs haha, but then i cringe when its on me (although i dont let him know im cringing) i just wipe it off as quick as i can lol.. I don't enjoy the taste per se but enjoy how much my DH enjoys it.

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It's not my technique, he has never even with previous partners managed to finish the job orally!! I then tried again with my OH and again couldnt care it. like i find if he has had some beers its not that nice but if he's not and been pigging out or whatever it tastes sweeter. Just swallow staright away and have a drink on the bedside table ) I'm the same..not swallow...i have a phobia of it I think.

Just doesn't do it for him Still enjoy oral sex as part of foreplay, but I really don't envy you lot lol I used to be like this. I made him cum (either have sex or by hand) gave it half hour(tat was my turn) then let him do it in my mouth. I would love to but i think it is more a turn off for the guy if you nearly puke over him and run for the toilet : L I tend to let him come in my mouth but have tissue by the bed to spit in to.. I have tried in the past with my OH but it just made me heave Once with my OH I tried to be all sexy and lick it off his stomach but it did not work i was almost sick xx I used to swallow it didnt bother me used to do it when he was driving esp on motorway.

Think men don't really care how you finish as long as you do it!!!! I just think its the whole texture thing i cant get around, somone said they spat it into a tissue, i think keeping it in my mouth would make me feel even more sick haha.. I would consider it very rude if he didn't swallow me so tis only fair.

as for the diet hes quite good really, lots of strawberry protein shakes, and fruit and veg etc so that could be ok.. What I hate though is being kissed after he's been down on me thats yucky Always swallow (unless I'm horrifically drunk).

Thankfully hubby is very understand so always warns me and catches it himself.

The texture, the taste, the horrible after taste, i have a weak stomach at the best of times, then i end up burping and re-living the initial swallow all over again. I bet my OH would like it if I did he has teased me with it but knows I dont want to even try it.I think our sex life is pretty accomodating in other ways so he deosn't have it half bad!!I always swallow, but thats just my personal preference, a lot cleaner and wouldn't know what to do with it otherwise!I have tried to swallow a few timjes with my DH but it just makes me feel sick and now Im so scared its really put me off.I have compromised by using flavoured condoms (strawberry is particularly nice Lol).And I'd feel like a bit of a eejut running off to find somewhere appropriate to spit it out.