It can be eaten hot or cold, but is almost always served with a dollop of sour cream.

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Unfortunately, this did not translate to particularly savoury cuisine (though in a more literal sense, Ukrainians do consume a large amount of bread and accompany most meals with it).

Instead, cooking traditions stem more from a practical desire to warm the belly during cold winters rather than splash out with fancy gastronomy.

Yep, the land of all of your favourite foods also delivers a massive slice of wanderlust. Our leader Maurizio was knowledgeable, fun and easy going which just made the tour run naturally.

He gave us great recommendations of what to see and do in our free time and we ate at the most authentic Italian cafes and restaurants.

And compared to the rest of Europe, it’s incredibly affordable, making it an ideal backpacker destination.

Ten days will go by in a flash, as you float from amazing cultural experiences like La Boqueria market, to tucked-away tapas bars and soaring cathedrals.

Intrepid and Geckos will insure your safety and allow you to get the most out of a life changing tour.

Review submitted We had six people in our group and it was a wonderful number, we all got along great and enjoyed each others company.

As a country both centuries old but also fairly new (it did not attain independence from Russia until 1991), Ukraine is both steeped in tradition, but somewhat lacking a unified identity.

Russia’s enduring influence can be felt across the country.

From there we move to the university town of Granada.