When Michaela meets up with Zak, she notices the bruises on his fists - and putting two and two together, she realises that Zak was involved.

It's the final straw for Michaela and she walks out, leaving Zak heartbroken.

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Later, when Kate arrives, Anita spills coffee all over her.

Kate leaves and Anita encourages Ravi to go after her.

Elliot wakes up in hospital where Archie’s caught trying to bargain for his silence.

When Elliot explains that Archie was using him as a guinea pig, Kris goes ballistic. Kris finds him and while he explains that Elliot’s missed his exam, Archie leaves Hollyoaks for good.

magazine last month, Carley Stenson said she wasn't worried about Ricky's closeness with his dance partner. I don’t see it as ‘my boyfriend and another girl’ I see it as Ricky and Natalie dancing professionally," she said.

Strictly Come Dancing has become famed for igniting relationships between celebrities and its professional partners since hitting screens in 2004.

Ricky and Australian dancer Natalie - who is new to the show this year - have been riding high on the Strictly leaderboard after seven weeks of steamy performances.

The pair, who are the bookies' favourite to win Strictly, were awarded top scores from three of the panel for last week's quickstep - with judge Bruno Tonioli hailing it as "the best dance of series 7." Speaking to new!

The 27-year-old actor has split from his Hollyoaks' co-star Carley Stenson, after a two-year relationship.

A spokeswoman for the channel 4 soap confirmed: "Carley Stenson and Ricky Whittle have announced their decision to separate - the pair remain good friends but do not wish to comment any further." Ricky and Carley, who play Calvin Valentine and Steph Cunningham, began dating in 2007 after meeting on the show.

Gilly catches up with Steph and insists that she can do better than Darren, completely unaware that it was all a lie. However, Sasha misinterprets his confession and believes that Gaz is the father of the baby.