All was going well until one of the bigger boys started to get upset because we wanted to offer our customers better value for their hard earned cash and sold cheaper than they did.

As some of you know Teresa May and I have a partnership which includes us selling adult magazines on our websites Amazon where most of our sales are made.

Recently we've had suppliers refuse to sell stock to us as they and the publishers of many adult magazines feel our prices are too competitive, which roughly translated means they want to keep prices high by depriving us of stock.

So if you do buy adult material on Amazon please support us and buy from Teresa May and Cliff James T&C Enterprises and support the cause.

Perhaps this is a good time to make known that Teresa May has a new book available on Amazon Kindle called ​​​​​​​In my younger days when I had a hefty mortage to pay I used to work at weekends for an estate agent's showhouses on new property developments.

One particular woman comes across as friendly but that is really a facade as in reality she is totatly different.

Another, I'm still trying to understand as my thoughts on her vary from each day to the next.

All is fair in love amd war they say and I guess the same goes for busines but that also depends on who you are and your morality.

A while ago my partner and I began expanding from selling not just preloved magazines but also new ones.

So when you buy from a certain retailer from their website or their Amazon, and from a certain publisher's website and Amazon account pause for a few moments and give thought to how you are being ripped off as their pally pally little cartel is keeping prices higher than they should