If you don’t match its criteria, it will reject your application.

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Lenders will look at you and your own history when deciding to lend to you.

They will not consider factors such as your race, religion, political persuasion or gender.

For example, a 0 indicates that your payments are up to date while a 4 shows payments are four months late.

The letter D indicates the account is not being used while a U is displayed when a credit agreement is new and the information is not yet available.

Checking your credit report will not leave a footprint or reduce you chances of being approved for credit down the line.

You can check your record as often as you like and even request your report from more than one agency.

Lenders aren’t the type of company that may search your credit record - when you sign up to a contract, for a mobile phone or gym membership for example, you may be subject to a credit search.

In addition, landlords will often check the records of prospective tenants to make sure they are responsible and will pay the rent.

If an account has been settled and you made all the repayments on time, then this will be recorded.