The transition from college to adulthood, for example, can slowly drive a wedge between undergrad buds—much like graduating from high school may have disconnected you from a homeroom BFF.One friend might move far away from a former confidant and lose touch.If you really don’t know why you were broken up with, acknowledge that. “Just because a friendship ends doesn’t mean that negates what came before," Levine says.

But if your bud really is done with the friendship (We know: harsh), then you need to find closure so you can move on.

Pryor suggests writing a letter to your former friend.

Most of us have experienced the devastation of a heart-wrenching breakup.

Moving on from a hurtful split can be difficult work, but there are steps you can take to make the healing begin.

Or maybe you had a blowout fight and some harsh truths were spoken.

You’ve always patched things up before, but this time you’re staring at your phone after sending an apology text and there’s nothing but silence.

Next thing you know, you haven’t heard from your friend in months.

You’d like to confront them, but what would you say?

Or each pal may get absorbed by new careers or romantic relationships (often, both).

Becoming a parent can further eat into the time each friend has to devote to one another.

Instead, reap the benefits of unplugging and resetting.