Upon entering the room, Hutt says he found the actor naked under a towel watching gay porn on his computer. Hutt claims he then told Travolta he was cutting the session short, causing the actor to go into his luggage and dig out close to ,000 in hush money.About halfway into the massage, Hutt alleges the star "proceeded to rub my ass and grab my crotch." The masseuse says he repeatedly told the actor "NO" and let him know he was uncomfortable, to which Travolta allegedly responded by offering him more money to keep going. The masseuse says he contacted the local police shortly after the encounter, but claims they "did NOTHING" about it. The hockey player is best known in celebrity circles for having dated Olivia Munn.

It's not hard to get jealous of these men that Olivia Munn has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.

This list of Olivia Munn’s boyfriends includes Joel Kinnaman and Aaron Rodgers.

He proposed to her on a beach in the Bahamas a few months back. He almost opted for the more creative approach of dressing her up as a goalie and slap-shotting the ring at her, but walking on a beach is also fine. Maybe, but she’s got a modeling resume of her own, and even though she hasn’t been in tv shows and movies, she’s still good for a Fitness Magazine cover or two.

Brad and Rechelle have an apartment in Manhattan and recently attended a charity event called Wines of the World, which was for Brad’s foundation that helps families with children in need.

Rechelle is apparently also pregnant, according to the NY Post.

Brad has generally played solidly if not inconsistently over his 13 seasons in the NHL.

I wonder if someone from the Rangers staff saw Rechelle Jenkins in a magazine and thought, “It’s time to play matchmaker.” Keep your hockey players happy with actresses, models, and models who look like actresses!

Looks like Olivia Munn is still working her magic for the New York Rangers!

He had 91 points in 2005 while playing for the Lightning and was also the playoffs MVP that year.