If you aren’t a reader, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that we won’t be that into you.

But we are into your friends who are single and also love books.

We suggest carrying a notepad at all times for the never-ending list of books you must read.

If you want to impress your date, tackling that TBR pile will do the trick.

If you love this book nerd, then you must love their book collection too because if you give them the “It’s either me or the books!

” ultimatum, there’s a 99.99% chance we will choose books every single time.

Before you start filling your online shopping cart with audio books, check out Libri Vox's free catalog first.

You can choose from 15,000 titles and download the audio files to your computer, phone, tablet, e Reader - even burn a CD!

Read a review and decide you want to read the book?

The site will tell you where it's available for purchase. Once you've finished a book, where do you go from there?

Perhaps you’re pursuing a book nerd (excellent choice, by the way) or you’re a book nerd yourself, trying to teach your significant other bookish dating habits.