It's not all about being a mini-Outback™, though - if you can call an 12.5" knife mini-anything, that is.

The Walkabout™ is easily one of the most utilitarian, no-nonsense hunting / general purpose knives out there, and the classic looks and all natural materials are sure to appeal to all outdoorsmen, collectors and anyone just looking for a damn fine bowie that does exactly what it's supposed to.

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To accomplish this, we started with the dimensions and basic lines of a colossal vintage Bowie dating from around 1858 and started hammering out prototype after prototype until it looked and behaved exactly like we wanted it.

Not the easiest or fastest development process in the world, but with a knife this size you just can't slap something together in a CAD package and expect it to work.

To complement the shape we gave it a distinctive coffin handle and a massive S-style handguard machined from a monolithic block of solid brass.

In a slight twist, during development we decided to reverse the S to a style more commonly found in swords of the period.

Whenever we find a way to make it even slightly better, those changes tend to inevitably end up in the next production run. The handle is all leather and dyed through in deep black.

However, all along this development cycle, one recurring theme kept coming up - granted, mostly from people who had never used one, but it's a valid point nevertheless. It comes with the same improved Mark II sheath design as the latest classic Outback™, only in black.

Key improvements: - Bigger, stronger, more rigid construction: up to 50% heavier than early model - Full hand braided leather edge - New, more distinctive tooled crocodile skin pattern - 2" longer, wider and heavier shank and belt loop allows the knife to sit lower on the hip - Longer and heavier retention strap now goes clear across the knife, making the snap button much easier and faster to engage and disconnect - Longer honing steel sits in a separate leather tube, braided into the sheath's construction rather than formed from the same leather piece - Bigger, completely redesigned "Croc tooth" ornament pieces that actually resemble crocodile teeth Now available: The Walkabout™ Another one that's been a long time coming - the perfect companion or just a slightly scaled back alternative to our long-standing flagship, the Outback™.

The Walkabout™ packs all of the strength and balance of its bigger brother in a lighter, more convenient format that's a lot easier to carry all day, every day.

Now available: Outback™ Eclipse Because black is the new black.

The Outback™ has always been our most popular knife, and the most upgraded throughout its lifetime. Meet the Outback™ Eclipse - the proven Outback™ design in 1095 carbon steel and all dressed in black.

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