His DOJ gets court order to receive information on protesters who visited Disrupt J20's website.

Florida mayoral candidate has racist meltdown on film. Here's free access to today's Patrons-Only show covered some serious topics that I want you to consider and give your feedback on.

We're in an asymmetrical fight against conservatism and the Democrats aren't prepared to fight.

Crutcher was unarmed, had his hands up, and was complying with officers' demands. Students are planning to walk out -- as they should.

15-year-old honor student, Jordan Edwards was shot and killed by police as he and others..

We discussed the Senate's version of the AHCA, the "tapes" Trump doesn't have of Comey, a brutal attack on a MN Motorist by police, and Bill Cosby's inappropriate new speaking tour.

Plus Liz Booth joined us to discuss her work with the group Lancaster..If we're not, the people will be paralyzed at the point of their first "epiphany" which often comes from religion or conspiracy theories or both.Donald Trump plans to decertify Obama's signature diplomatic achievement -- the Iranian Nuclear deal.But the most dangerous part of the escalation is the direct result of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. But we can't afford to turn our backs on Republicans. Trump's intelligence comes from twitter and Fox News and that should terrify you. A Baton Rouge attorney is suing Deray Mc Kessen and Black Lives Matter.I was joined by the co-managing editor of Progressive Army, Salam Morcos to discuss the ongoing crisis in Gaza. More information on the yoga instructor killed by police. And French President Emanuel Macron blames fertility rates...Why is there so little coverage of the massacre in Mogadishu? Then it dawned on me that I haven't spent much time discussing the particulars of sexual harassment/catcalling and rape culture in general. Tonight we discuss the absurdity of Mike Pence's NFL stunt, the ridiculousness of more than half of the voting electorate in the United States, and the unique place Donald Trump will hold in the history of not just the United States, but also the...