Unfortunately, you can go on 50, 500 or even 5,000 dates that include everything from an intimate home picnic to a Paris junket and still be left wondering, "Is this all there is?

" That's because "dating" isn't something you do once a week. If you've been married for a while, you've experienced the painful moment when you realized that the perfect 10 you thought you'd married is really a flawed 6 or 7.

Frequent Foreplay Miles is a strategy developed by Shela Dean to help couples have greater emotional intimacy.

It all started with Shela's efforts to "cure" her husband Dale of his habit of being late.

The greatest gift Shapr provides is reminding its users to build and cultivate their network daily.

I love the concept, and it’s especially powerful when applied to your existing Linked In connections as a rule of thumb — until, that is, Linked In decides to compete in this market.

It’s a social discovery app that promises to help you build your relationships and grow your network.

In a matter of a minute or two each day, Shapr delivers recommendations about who you should meet.

Perhaps you've been effectively divorced for years, more roommates than spouses. Take heart: the water under the bridge may be a trickle or it may be a deluge, but unless the bridge has completely collapsed, the opportunity to cross to the other side remains.

Shela will show you how to: • Re Create the Dating You to become your best vision of You, someone who is not only personally fulfilled and experiencing self-love, but is also a hot date and a great catch.

Truer is their statement, “Swipe for 1 minute each day and make the connections you didn’t expect.” Shapr makes it easier to grow your network by applying the best of dating apps’ functionality to business.