It might happen in movies but it hardly ever happens in real life.

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We both know what I'm really asking for but it takes the pressure off and makes it sound more casual.

This is Rule Number 7: "learn and use double-speak!

If you do stay the night, it should happen naturally.

Don't make things awkward by turning it into an issue.

That said, the guy should definitely offer to walk or drive the girl home to ensure she got there safely.

Likewise, if you ring up the girl for a booty call in the middle of the night, you should arrange a taxi for her.(Excuse the pun.) I was involved in a very serious relationship straight out of high school which lasted for almost ten years.We moved into an apartment together, we matured as adults together and it was a very big, important chunk of my life.He gradually started to switch our talk from professional to personal and I found his confidence very attractive.But at the same time, he was still there to serve me as a customer so I felt in control and could steer the conversation in the directions I wanted.I've also included the eight main rules that I've learnt along the way.