If you have any concerns about opening a bank account, contact the EMA Customer Services team.You will need to send evidence to confirm your details.

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For further information or advice please contact the EMA Customer Services Team.

The information provided on EMA application forms will be used for the processing of the EMA application and administration.

If you are acting on behalf of a student with Special Educational Needs and /or one who can’t hold their own bank or building society account, you will need to prove you are legally able to act as a third party for the EMA applicant.

You will need to send documents from a public body (for example the Department of Health) or a Power of Attorney confirming that you are authorised to act and/or accept payments on the student’s behalf.

To get your payment, you have to go to all their sessions.

Payments will be made directly to your bank account.

For the application to be processed and administered, your information will be shared with the Department of Education and the Department for the Economy, with the school or college that you study at and with Student Loans Company (SLC) who administers the EMA scheme.

These organisations are under a duty to protect public funds, and may also use this information to detect and prevent fraud and/or monitor the performance of the student finance system.

EMA payments are not made during short-term holidays which include the October Week, Christmas/New Year and the two week Easter break Autumn Intake: If application is made before 30 September 2017 payment will be backdated to the beginning of the academic year, provided that the Learning Agreement criteria have been met.