"I don't think it's a good idea to jump into bed with a guy on a first date, or even on a second or third or fourth," Allen says."You really need time to get to know someone." Take things slowly."We're meant to pick not only based on our own recognition and familiarity but also our friends' and family's familiarity and recognition as well." Bring your new person around trusted family and friends for a proper vetting. If your friends and family give the thumbs-up, then proceed on your merry way.

Baring It All Too Soon It may sound old school, but jumping under the sheets with someone after the first date is a no in our book.

Of course it's totally up to you to do what feels right when the timing is right, but if you're truly looking to meet someone in a serious way, letting him or her have all the goodies upfront could make things tricky.

" Know yourself before you get to know someone else.

Not Properly Vetting Your Person New relationships are full of excitement, thanks in large part to a cocktail of testosterone, dopamine and oxytocin.

We curated a list of the top 9 dating mistakes and talked with relationship experts Stan Tatkin and Joan Allen to learn how to fix them.

Dating with Expectations It's important to keep an open mind when going on a date."And then there are people who are more distant, more intellectual, more cool, and they fear intrusion.They fear somebody taking over and taking away their autonomy too much.Not Focusing on Your Date The old adage is true: Actions do speak louder than words, especially when it comes to dating.Paying close attention to your date's body language, mannerisms, and inflection of voice can give huge clues as to the success of a date.Go on a few dates to get to know each other, and we promise your sex will be even better.