Which everybody always laughs I feel like people think we're completely different but ended up being pretty alike in a lot of ways.""We connect in a really interesting way.

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As for what makes her deejay beau such a special guy, Aubrey added, "Pauly's wit.

He's incredibly funny and smart and very talented."Aubrey says Pauly is different than other guys she's dated in the past.

“And now with the drastic changes in the bottom of the ninth inning with Drea, we want to restructure the sound a bit.

With Drea being gone, we want to rethink our ideas.

(premiering this spring)."I didn't know that I would be as successful as I was with finding someone," Aubrey tells E! And it ended up just like becoming like this chemistry happened within the house with a few of the cast-mates and Pauly and I were one of them.

The show is about all of us coming together, dating, learning through a dating coach how to go out there and approach people that are better suited for us and kind of get over the issues that we were having.The news came less than 10 months after four of the five members of the group — which were first assembled by Diddy on MTV’s “Making the Band” in 2005 — officially announced they were getting back together to record an album and tour.This leaves Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex as the only remaining members of the group (Wanita “D. O’Day said Fimbres will continue performing with the band on the current tour, including Wednesday’s show at the House of Blues.Unfortunately, it affects us drastically business-wise. But we’re incredibly strong as three and strong enough to continue and strong enough to let somebody who wants to be somewhere else go and explore the things that make them happy.”O’Day said Fimbres told the group of her plans a week before the tour began.In addition to sitting out the new songs on the tour, Fimbres will not appear on the new album either, which O’Day believes will be available after the tour wraps. “We’ve definitely been dreaming up all kinds of directions to go with it,” O’Day said."Pauly makes me stay in the moment and get out of my head," she explained.