It slightly protrudes from the device (which obviously makes it similar to the Galaxy S6) and will affect the smartphone’s stability when resting on a flat surface.

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In short, Asus has done a great job and the device has nothing to fear from its competitors.

Regarding the Zen Fone 2, the smartphone also succeeded in achieving finesse and it’s even better with the new device. The corners aren’t rounded and this can affect the user’s experience with the smartphone.

If that’s the case for you, I advise you to opt for another model. Readability is excellent and the IPS screen offers an excellent contrast.

As for screen protection, the device has 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The Zen Fone 3 deals very well with outdoor lighting.

But what annoyed me the most is the large amount of functions and applications made by Asus that aren’t useful.

Particularly certain applications for clean-up and optimization, which uses up storage space and spams us with daily notifications.

In general, the Zen Fone 3 is a seductive smartphone but it’s not original.

Its top of the range design will please the public.

Some thicker and bigger smartphones avoid giving this sensation.

The front panel is dominated by the screen but the body-screen ratio doesn’t feature among the best on the market (only 70 percent).

The performance is good and I didn’t notice many bugs or slowing down.