It's a reality show that's as he mentioned 30 minutes long so of course they aren't going to go into a lot of history.

That's what all the documentary shows are for. I like the fact that the editing isn't absolutely horrid like most reality shows(the ones that could be decent on history and discovery like "axemen", or top shot).

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When Will isn't rebuilding a "bring-back" rifle from the Vietnam War or re-stringing a bow to hunt swamp gators, he can be found in his Louisiana Bayou shop swapping gossip with his customers that range from housewives to members of the SWAT team.

Will, his daughter Stephanie, and the rest of his crew, race to keep up with the demands of their clientèle and turn out top notch weapons.

Bottom line as with any show don't take much stock in reviews(even mine) and just watch it and make your own decision.

Don't let a reviewer that says it's horrid keep you from trying it out.

When the growth of your business is built on a popular TV show and one of the stars of that TV show gets arrested on charges related to the alleged rape of children, business is going to be affected.

Joe Meaux, one of the owners of Baton Rouge-based Red Jacket Firearms and former co-star of Discovery Channel's "Sons of Guns," didn't quite have to start from scratch when his former business partner Will Hayden's mug shot was transmitted around the world below headlines detailing rape charges. To separate a gun retail and manufacturing business Meaux helped create from the badly damaged RJF brand, he has since started two new companies in Baton Rouge -- one a gun retailer and the other a gun manufacturer.

What I mean is almost all "reality shows" over edit the shows and make it look like more serious drama is coming up after the commercial etc and focus way too much on BS and that kind of stuff.

This show doesn't do that so it gets bonus points from me.

She is said to have been “stressed” from discussing the charges against her father, including disclosing details about his alleged abuse.

A preview for the episode, airing Thursday, shows Dr.

William Hayden’s 12-year-old daughter first came forward with claims of abuse, alleging that her father “orally and vaginally raped” her.