She married documentary maker Erik Anders Lang last year, and says she dreams of a baby.

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Things only get better when the chorus hits and she’s joined by her six equally-sexy backing dancers. R.' on i Tunes Ne-Yo's another one that never fails to hide his adoration of the female form - and the video for 'She Knows' is no exception.

Download 'Focus' on i Tunes The French DJ may not be the first icon you think of when talking about sex symbols, but David certainly turns up the heat in his latest video. Now we don't know exactly where he buys his groceries, but in Ne-Yo's universe supermarkets have pole dancers down every aisle. Download 'She Knows' on i Tunes Considering how much she disguises herself during public appearances, you'd be surprised to see Australian singer Sia in this list - but just watch her video for 'Fire Meets Gasoline'.

We don't know whether it's the denim jeans and cropped jumper combo, or seductive dance moves, but there's definitely SOMETHING that makes us think Natalie is one to watch in 2015! So what starts off as a seemingly sophisticated masquerade suarée soon turns into a raunch-fest.

Expect animal masks, lace underwear and some serious grinding. Download 'Rumors' on i Tunes Remember the days when Nick Jonas was a purity ring-wearing, innocent Disney kid? After a number of topless modelling campaigns, Nick is turning in to one of our go-to hunks when we hit hump day. Another former child star who's successfully shaken her innocent image.

Not only do these ladies ooze sex appeal, they don't leave much to the imagination with their outfits - come on, just LOOK where those hands are touching! Ellie's track was taken straight from the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack, so it's no surprise there's some 'special' scenes from the movie right in the video. When we get to the end of the month and can't afford rent because we over did the Prosecco on payday, we either dig out the credit card or call the bank of mum and dad.

Download 'Make Me Feel Better' on i Tunes Revealing top? In their alternate universe, they throw a raging house party with scantily clad women shaking EXACTLY what their mama gave them to get tips and pay the rent.

I'd look at other people and think, "They look fine and happy; they even have families and have kids, how do they do it?

They seem to be enjoying this ride called life."'Her refusal to promote her latest album, posing for magazine covers with a paper bag over her head, and inviting high-profile friends, including Lena Denham and Kristen Wiig to join her onstage during performances appear to only attract more attention for the camera-shy singer-songwriter.

But it is antics such as these that perhaps allow the Adelaide-born star to deal with the unwanted spotlight that comes with a chart-topping song, as well as turning to charitable causes such as dog rescue, which Sia says is part of her recovery program.