No matter how hard we try, it’s as inevitable as birthdays, taxes, and a certain orange president tweeting out nonsensical nonsense (That’s a term we coined specifically for him.) Both Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller have been faced with this hard truth that you only have two choices in this life — to grow or to atrophy and die.As evidenced by the coming third season of “Growing Up Hip Hop” as well as the continued moves of the pair observed even outside of the narrative presented on the show, it is all the clear that both Simmons and Miller have chosen growth.

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You know, those moments when you have to make decisions about who you are and why you’re here. Simmons and Miller know this all too well and grapple with those issues in the coming season.

“You get to see [our growth and maturity],” Miller shares, when reflecting on the coming season.

The show, which has a third season premiere date of July 20, focuses on the lives of young adults who were born into hip-hop royalty (Simmons, of course, being the daughter of rap legend Rev. Their evolution into adulthood may seem like an easy coming-of-age story when factoring in the platinum spoons that they were born with.

But opportunity and access don’t make the living part of life any easier.

Your good friend is engaged supposedly; you don't know to who... It's a big deal."Romeo wasn't the only one surprised by Simmons' major relationship change.

Fans and followers of Rev Run's famous daughter were equally as taken aback by the announcement, considering she kept her relationship completely hidden from the public. News confirmed Simmons was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy she's since welcomed in September with fiancé and Atlanta businessman Sutton Tennyson.

“I’ve grown so much as a person, and I think you get to see that.” For Simmons, her mindset mirrors that of Miller’s in many ways.

As a new mother, Simmons is experiencing one of the happiest periods of her life, while using it as a catalyst to push to greater heights. “It has caused me to grow up in so many ways that I didn’t even know was possible.

We created growing up hip hop, and now we're seeing having franchises like growing up hip hop Atlanta, and hopefully we'll have Miami, Japan, I don't know wherever we could go, but that was always the vision. So when we first met, that was that like we were talking because We did out that connection was attracted to each other but then we realize we don't wanna ruin any day and it's not all about the physical aspect and we grew to be great friends.