But I wrote the string parts at the end of it, and I think that's great. I don't think I ever imagined it to be quite so soundtrack, epically sounding.

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I wrote it two and a half years ago for my daughter, she was just born and I had to come to the States and I wrote the lyrics for her, it's about leaving somebody behind, you know that is really painful to do, and ultimately you're looking to the future saying "we'll see each other again and everything will be fine." This version of the song was a big breakthrough for Seether, but in 2009 interview to Recoil, Morgan explained: "We made the mistake of being a band that has a gold album that collaborates with a band that has a ten-times platinum album. We should have met up with somebody more on our level and seen what would happen. Obviously, it's done huge things for us and it was amazing for us.

I think if we collaborate again it will be with someone who is on par with us rather than someone who is a megastar and we get to hear all the crap about how we used them for fame and glory." It wasn't really my idea to do that.

Rock band Seether originated in South Africa in 1999 with the stage name of Saron Gas.

The band changed their name to the current Seether in 2002.

The song has been featured in video games and on WWE pay-per-view commercial. Country Song - Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with a swampy feel to it, the song has a country beat to it.

Lead singer Morgan posted on the band's website that the song was not a country song but "was a small homage to such a wonderful city" since the album was recorded there.

There are just some celebrity couples that we could never forget – even when they’ve broken up.

Luckily, we can always remember them and keep then close in our hearts from the music that they’ve left behind. These tracks get us feeling nostalgic about these past relationships we used to ship – RIP their love.

He added: "There are times when I'm quite proud of that version, but other times when I feel like I should have just stuck with my guns and kept the original version of the way I prefer it.