I do not think his family would ever accept me (my now ex-boyfriend told me as much).

And I don't think I would have patience to try, try, beg and beg some more to be loved by him and his family.

He wants me to convert to the muslim religion before he we can get married.

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What has enables us to stay together thru hard times and ups & downs is our shared spiritual belief.

So, take some time, think about it, pray about it, consult with your close catholic friends, your priest, ...

JC - I am Christian and my husband is also a Christian.

I would have not date him or get close to him if he wasn't a Christian because Bible teaches us not to yoke with a non-believers.

The relationship has finally ended -- the issues could not be resolved, and I am relieved I did not marry him.

I do not think I would be happy coming "second" to his family.Even if your not "religious" this issue will come up, especially after you have children. On the surface, we would appear not to have much in common, but the building block we have is Faith, and that is a solid base.My husband believes fully in leaving the mother and father and cleaving to one's wife. Then its the children, his work and his extended family.Just my 2 cents, Laila Name = Violet Country & City = USA, California Category of Submission = Religeous Issues Subject = Thank you ladies -- I have broken up with my Iranian Jewish Boyfriend of 18 months My boyfriend and I were together for about a year and a half.This site helped me see that I was not alone in my pain, confusion and frustration.When we become unequally yoked, as in Muslim/Christian marriage.leads to some unintended consequences that may not be apparent in the beginning.