Both players checked the [Kd] turn, but on the [Qd] river, Seiver bet 16,500 and Eastgate check-folded.Example 3: Brett Richey started the hand with a raise, but Seiver reraised to 11, First blood to Faraz When action finally got underway at the final table, it was Hoyt Corkins making the first move by opening for 3,200. pm: Nearly underway The final table of the ,000 Bounty Shootout is about to get started.

Feeling no confidence at all, Richey tossed his bounty chip over to Cassidy.

Cassidy had to give it back after the [6d][3c][9d][qc][2s] board. pm: Ashton Griffin’s real problem It would be one thing if Ashton Griffin had only stayed up all night last night playing cards (which, apparently he did).

Richey went along to see the [3h][5c][5d] flop, which was checked by both players.

Richey was the bettor on the [7h] turn, but Seiver bet out 40,000 after the [7s] on the river, and Richey folded. pm: Bryan Micon in the house We figured if it was worthy of an announcement over the PA, it was worthy of an announcement here.

Griffin led out for 11,300, and Eastgate called, but after the [Ts] came on the turn, a 27,800 bet from Griffin induced a fold from Eastgate. pm: Level up After an hour of play in which we didn’t see much crazy movement, the players are now working with 800-1,600-200 blinds.

pm: Seiver starts strong Scott Seiver’s strong start in this event was evidenced by his performance on Day 1, where he single-handedly eliminated every person at his table.

The [Kd] turn and [Qs] were both checked around, and Seiver calmly turned over [Qd][Td] for the winning hand.

Example 2: The hand found Seiver taking to a [6d][6h][Jh] flop with Peter Eastgate, after which Seiver bet 6,200 and Eastgate check-called.

A raised flop of [Qd][6d][2s] was checked to the [Th] turn and again to the [Ts] river.

Griffin bet out 9,100, and Cassidy folded to give the pot to Griffin. While this isn’t a turbo event, we’re not as deep here as we were in the main event.

pm: Brett Richey eliminated in 6th place On the very next hand, Richey looked to double again. Ashton Griffin, who was the original raiser, asked for a count of Richey’s chips, and the dealer came up with 75,600. The board ran out [4s][4d][4c][7h][Kh], and Griffin caught his king on the river to take it down. pm: Low confidence Richey doubles up Brett Richey just moved all-in from the button and got a call from Joe Cassidy in the small blind.