If you want to stroke it, this Florida judge will tell you exactly how big his gavel is….JAABlog says this ad was found on another online dating site of a similar ilk (note the screen name): Who is this guy?

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It wasn’t an outright denial, like the one that a certain federal judge issued regarding allegations that he once did a stint in nude modeling, so it could still be true.

We checked to see if Audlin could be found on any other social networking sites, and lo and behold, he’s apparently on Facebook, wearing the same shirt seen in the Manhunt profile picture featured above: In any event, judges are people too. But, does it amount to an appearance of impropriety for a judge to advertise his gavel length and width, or fudge on the “What I do” bio section by stating “Attorney”?

“The appearance of Meggy has made Laurel see other things that she didn’t see in him,” Souza tells EW, noting that after they sleep together, “the relationship becomes a lot stronger; they become more dependent on each other.” However, Souza wasn’t initially into the idea of Wes and Laurel hooking up. But then, of course, the chemistry was always there in a different way, they just expressed it in friendship, so now they’re expressing it in a different manner.” Don’t expect the rest of the Keating Five to hear about this new turn of events.

“Suddenly you get these two people that have known each other for two or three seasons exploring kissing and exploring a different aspect of their relationship,” Souza says. “They are keeping it a secret, and what’s really nice is that they’re kind of blissful,” executive producer Pete Nowalk says. But I guess in the crazy world of , there’s a lot going on and a lot of unresolved issues.” Among those unresolved issues for the audience: Could Wes be Laurel’s baby daddy, or does that honor belong to Frank (Charlie Weber)?

Realizing that Meggy (Corbin Reid) could never fit into his world, Wes (Alfred Enoch) broke up with her and later slept with Laurel (Karla Souza).

It’s a moment that’s been a long time coming; the two friends have danced around their feelings for each other over the last few seasons.

We’ve written about judges involved in sex scandals over nude photographs.

We’ve never written about judges involved in sex scandals on internet hookup websites — but we’re about to do just that.

We’ve written about judges involved in sex scandals with prostitutes.

We’ve written about judges involved in sex scandals with litigants.

As the Northeast braces itself for up to three feet of snow this week, some savvy individuals are using the inclement weather to their advantage.