is a charitable fund raising event held in the UK since 1912 by Alexandra Rose Charities.It was first launched on the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Queen Alexandra, the consort of King Edward VII, from her native Denmark to the UK.Even so, slowly, requests for the song began to flood into Miami, leading tropical radio stations WXDJ and WRTO to launch Sunday-afternoon bachata programs and to incorporate the music style into their regular programming.

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The first event raised £32,000 (the equivalent of almost £2 million in 2002 money).

The funds raised were a great benefit to hospitals, and the annual drive became an institution, one of the chief attractions of London’s summer, with Alexandra the star.

When the 50th anniversary of the Princess’s arrival in London and her wedding to the late King Edward VII came, the Dowager Queen’s admirers insisted that the day of her arrival should be celebrated in a special way.

A processional drive through the streets of London seemed an obvious choice, but Alexandra wanted an occasion that would help the sick and needy.

The Prime Minister traditionally launches the day by being the first to buy a rose.

Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, Queen Alexandra's great granddaughter, is the current President of Alexandra Rose Day.

Monchy & Alexandra were a bachata musical group from the Dominican Republic. Their first big hit was "Hoja en Blanco", which they released in 1999.

Since then, they had many other hits, such as "Hasta el Fin" and "Perdidos", both from their 2004 album Hasta el Fin, as well as "No Es Una Novela" from their 2006 Éxitos y Más album.

They have been often credited with being instrumental in popularizing bachata music outside of the Dominican Republic.

Monchy (real name Ramón Rijo, born 19 September 1977 in La Romana) first performed in a group in the Dominican Republic, which earned him a place in the recording of the Bachatazos series of releases.

Rare Autochrome colour photos exist of women selling paper roses with poster billboards and decorated collecting cans in Seaford, East Sussex on the 'Seventeenth Celebration Alexandra Day in memory of H.