The following year she took part in the Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon for the first time and finished in second place behind compatriot Madina Biktagirova with a personal best time of .

This is a list of extinct languages sorted by their time of extinction.

When the exact time of death of the last remaining speaker is not known, either an approximate time or the date when the language was last being recorded is given.

I hope, that you too want it also to you children very strongly like.

I very much would like to create in further with him happy family and to give birth from him to children.

To go with friends to cinema, weekends, my favourite color " blue and red ".

I like to read book about romanticism, me very is pleasant to look at stars.

) (born ) is a Russian long-distance runner who specialises in the marathon.

She has won at the Prague International Marathon (in 2002) and the Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon (in 20).

She returned to the podium at the San Diego Marathon in June 2012, winning the race in a time of hours.

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She won the Russian cross country running championships at the start of 2005 and entered the short race at the 2005 IAAF World Cross Country Championships.